Sunday, 23 June 2013

List 23 - Encounters with famous people

When I read this topic I thought - gosh I have never ever had an encounter with a famous person so my list is done. But then when I thought about it I thought I could add a few. So here goes!

Rodney Maynard - Former Adelaide Crows (AFL) player. His hometown is the same country town that I lived in for 7 years so I regularly came across him. 

And whilst we are on the topic of people from the country town I lived in - Carly from the current season of House Rules was from the area also. She was a year younger than my sister at school - but my sister went on a trip to Bali with her!

My most recent encounter was with Janet from latest The Biggest Loser. My sister and I were in Melbourne in May and went for a 10km run around Albert Park. We passed her twice (she was running the opposite way to us around the lake) and were so excited. She looked AWESOME!!

Many years ago when I worked at Pizza Hut Kevin Crease walked in for dinner one night. Kevin  Crease was a channel 9 newsreader in Adelaide. I remember feeling sorry for him having dinner on his own - fast forward a few years and I'm often having dinner on my own - especially when I travel - and love it!

Now I don't remember exactly when, but I saw Erik Thompson from Packed to the Rafters at Adelaide Airport once!

Have you had any encounters with famous people?

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  1. Proving again fame is relative, I don't know any of those people except Maynard!!
    My favourite fame story is with Jean Todt (who I adore) but I figured no one would know him at all, so I didn't even bother telling it!

    1. Yeah I was clutching at straws to find some people to write about too! You can find them all on TV (or could) and poor Kevin Crease got cancer and is no longer with us (and you would only know him if you lived in Adelaide - he was on local news).
      And nope, no idea who Jean Todt is!

  2. And I agree about eating on your own - I don't mind it at all...

    1. I take a book now and enjoy the peace and quite!

  3. Great stories, Bec! I agree, fame is relative...but it's fun to tell stories of when you see something out of the ordinary on an ordinary day!