Sunday, 26 May 2013

List 19 - lottery

You have just won the lottery – a big one – now that the sky’s the limit how do you spend big (of course after you give to charity and take care of your family etc – this is the fun stuff, guilt free, don’t worry about the world as it is not real) LIST IT!

  • I would like to get fit and healthy so am going to hire a personal trainer and a personal chef! I would like arms and abs like this!!

  • I would also like some new fashionable clothing - so a personal stylist is in order too to deck me out with a whole new wardrobe (once I've look like the picture above!!)
  • I have backyard envy wherever we go - so I'm buying a big house with a big backyard, in a good area for public high schools! (Or maybe I will send my kids to the good private schools near me that I can now afford the $15,000-$20,000 annual fee per child  - but either way a big backyard is a must)
  • I also need a cleaner for my big house (and someone who can tidy and declutter!)
  • Overseas holiday for the family - I would love to go for a few months - the longest we have gone is just over 2 weeks. Lets show the kids the world! Destinations unknown at this stage although I've always wanted to go to Norway!

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  "A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Hunter: I had bought him a new beanie on my weekend away in Melbourne. He thought it would be cheeky to cover his eyes when I tried to take a photo! He would have them uncovered right until I pressed the button then he would cover them. I tricked him and got one with his eyes - he wasn't happy when he saw it!!

Savannah: Showing off her new goodies from my Melbourne trip. Peppa Pig beanie and a fairy garland. When I told her the ribbon were supposed to go at the back she said "no, I like being a jellyfish!!"

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

List 18 - Gratitude

In today's society we all have such busy lives it's often hard to feel grateful for things. We tend to whinge a lot so it's important to take a moment to think about all the great things we have to feel grateful for!!

I'm starting with my family.
These kids drive me batty but I love them to the moon and back!

I often take my hubby for granted, but truth be known I couldn't do it without him. We tend to get grumpy with each other at times, but  I'm so grateful for everything he does to help out. I know not all women have husbands who cook dinner and help out so much with the kids. He is happy to look after the kids so I can go to the gym at night (even though I've only just got home from work).

My sister - just this week she made me a cake for my birthday and came on the color run with me! Next weekend we are off to Melbourne together. She is always there for me.

My parents - despite them both still working and having busy lives of their own, they help out with the kids a lot. They pick them up from kindy/school on Thursdays, look after them when needed (e.g. Mum came around today and took Hunter to the footy so I could go on the color run).

I'm grateful for my sister in law who is coming down from the country 3 times over the next couple of weeks to help out with the kids whilst my husband has surgery and recovery.
I'm grateful that I have a job. At the moment the train line is out (until September) so I whinge and whine about the buses! But I'm grateful I have a job to go to so need to catch the buses, and that my Manager is flexible if I'm a little late.

I'm grateful I have a home. Again I whinge about finances, but really, I'm grateful that we can afford our own home.

I'm grateful I've made friends with some of the Mums of the kids friends - nice for coffee catch ups and we help each other out with pick ups when needed.

Yes, I have lots to be grateful for!!


 "A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Hunter: I heard about a Music in the park festival so we decided to head down not knowing what would be on. They had a free BBQ, music and face painting. Hunter asked to be a Monster!
Savannah: After the park Hunter asked to go to the Skate Park. We all had so much fun. Savannah was excited to be up the top of the ramp and slide down.

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Monday, 13 May 2013


                                          "A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Hunter: I treated the kids to a bear each at Buildabear Workshop. Hunter made one with a roar sound that smells like strawberry and was dressed as Iron Man who he named Iron Man. He loves Iron Man and has slept with him every night since he came home.
Savannah: I was putting on make up one night to go out - Savannah decided she would put some on herself too. She wa pleased as punch at how hers turned out!

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

List 17 - quote

This week Deb has asked us to share our favourite quotes. I thought I would share a quote that has been meaningful to me this week:

Yesterday (Saturday 11th May) I participated in the first True Grit in Adelaide (it was actually at Caudo Vineyard in Cadell) - 3 hours from my house! I had a 5am start to get there for our 10.35am run off time. I was in a group of 8. Most of them were very fit! I managed to stay with the group for about half the course and then was on my own for a bit, and then was with another member from our team for the last bit.

I climbed up ropes, jumped over logs, ran over fire, climbed up hills, ran (and walked) up and down sand hills and through vineyards, climbed across monkey bars, crawled under nets and barbed wire, walked through an ice bath, carried a log, waded through mud up to my waist and under tunnels in the mud and went down a huge slide into the river, plus many more obstacles. It was a 12km course with 32 obstacles.
Check out the course here!

I feel a little disappointed that I didn't keep up with the rest of the team, my mind told me I couldn't run anymore - but I'm proud of myself for completing every obstacle. It took me around 3 hours all up and my knees are now bruised and my arms sore but I did it!!

This is me in action!

This is the team after the event (and a wash down). We all earned T-shirts for finishing! Still smiling!

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

List 16 - I want to make.....

The prompt for this week is "Dig through your bookmarks, your pinterest boards, your jotted notes and plans. What do you want to make (create, cook, decorate, etc)."

Awesome hair styles - I would love to know how to braid and make awesome hair styles for my daughter and myself. At the moment a basic plait is about as fancy as I get!

Cakes - I've always wanted to make this rainbow cake but seems like a lot of work. I need to make sure they will appreciate it! I want to make really cook birthday cakes for the kids. I really enjoy the cakes I make for them each year - I just wish I was better at it!

Albums - I'm so behind in my scrapbooking. I do it in yearly albums and I'm about half way through 2011. So a few years to catch up on. I want to get back into it and get up to date.

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                                         "A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Hunter: We had a quick trip to the aquatics centre and they had a treat afterwards - Hunter choose a lolly that had blue colouring!
Savannah: All ready for her first day of kindy! She is growing up so fast.

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