Sunday, 26 May 2013

List 19 - lottery

You have just won the lottery – a big one – now that the sky’s the limit how do you spend big (of course after you give to charity and take care of your family etc – this is the fun stuff, guilt free, don’t worry about the world as it is not real) LIST IT!

  • I would like to get fit and healthy so am going to hire a personal trainer and a personal chef! I would like arms and abs like this!!

  • I would also like some new fashionable clothing - so a personal stylist is in order too to deck me out with a whole new wardrobe (once I've look like the picture above!!)
  • I have backyard envy wherever we go - so I'm buying a big house with a big backyard, in a good area for public high schools! (Or maybe I will send my kids to the good private schools near me that I can now afford the $15,000-$20,000 annual fee per child  - but either way a big backyard is a must)
  • I also need a cleaner for my big house (and someone who can tidy and declutter!)
  • Overseas holiday for the family - I would love to go for a few months - the longest we have gone is just over 2 weeks. Lets show the kids the world! Destinations unknown at this stage although I've always wanted to go to Norway!

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  1. I wouldn't mind a personal chef, just so I don't have to cook or shop. That would make me happy, happy, happy!

  2. Love your list. I need a professional declutterer for sure. The PT and chef would be nice too. It really would not take a huge amount fo money to change my life substantially for the better!

  3. a stylist would be amazing- why didn't I think of that :)

  4. Ah yes, hiring someone to do the decluttering, that would be great, wouldn't it??!!

  5. Didn't think of having a personal stylist, but I could use one! And the cleaner is absolutely a must :)

  6. ah yes all the staff help - sounds like the life of the rich and famous for sure - feel like saying "i'll have what she's having" lol