Sunday, 23 June 2013

List 23 - Encounters with famous people

When I read this topic I thought - gosh I have never ever had an encounter with a famous person so my list is done. But then when I thought about it I thought I could add a few. So here goes!

Rodney Maynard - Former Adelaide Crows (AFL) player. His hometown is the same country town that I lived in for 7 years so I regularly came across him. 

And whilst we are on the topic of people from the country town I lived in - Carly from the current season of House Rules was from the area also. She was a year younger than my sister at school - but my sister went on a trip to Bali with her!

My most recent encounter was with Janet from latest The Biggest Loser. My sister and I were in Melbourne in May and went for a 10km run around Albert Park. We passed her twice (she was running the opposite way to us around the lake) and were so excited. She looked AWESOME!!

Many years ago when I worked at Pizza Hut Kevin Crease walked in for dinner one night. Kevin  Crease was a channel 9 newsreader in Adelaide. I remember feeling sorry for him having dinner on his own - fast forward a few years and I'm often having dinner on my own - especially when I travel - and love it!

Now I don't remember exactly when, but I saw Erik Thompson from Packed to the Rafters at Adelaide Airport once!

Have you had any encounters with famous people?

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 A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Hunter: My nephew wanted to take his big cousin Hunter to the park near his kindy so they could climb the tree together. Hunter had a great time with the big old tree - climbing and using as a super hero house!

Savannah: Savannah wanted to join in with the boys too but found it a bit tricky - she wasn't wearing tree climbing clothes or shoes (we had been to the movies first). 

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

List 22 - Ideal day

I’m sure there would be lots of different combinations for my ideal day. I could have one involving a great workout – or one where I skip it. I could have an ideal day with the kids – but I could also have an ideal day on my own or one with just hubby! I could have an action packed day or a nice relaxing day. I could be at home or I could be on holidays. The combinations are endless!

So one such ideal day would include:
·         A clean house (this has to have happened prior to my ideal day beginning)
·         Great coffee – either made at home in my machine or at a cafe
·         Time for reading my book – as much as I want to read – this probably means I want to finish the book!
·         A full body massage – 1 hour minimum – but if time permits I’m going for a 2 hour one
·         Nice healthy lunch at a cafe/restaurant
·         Fun with the kids – but I don’t want to deal with bedtime! I will take them somewhere fun (like Disney on Ice like we did on the weekend) but then hand them back for bedtime! This is what causes us bucket loads of stress.
·         During the evening I would like to hit a musical – I’m not fussed – whatever’s showing!

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Monday, 17 June 2013


This week rather than individual photos I've gone for the group shot! It was Poppy's 70th birthday so we tried to get a photo of all of his grandkids. The photos below show our attempt to get all the kids together. Hunter was making it a little interesting. Sannah was just happy to be with her 'big' cousins!

 A portrait of my children (and cousins in this case), once a week, every week, in 2013."

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

List 21 - Concerts

I enjoy music but generally a wide range of songs rather than certain artists. As such I haven't been to that many concerts over my years. I'm sure I've forgotten some but the ones I remember are:

  • Boys II Men - Hubby and I went (before we were married) when I was in year 11 or 12.
  •  Hubby and I have been to Bryan Adams twice (I think). We used one of his songs as our bridal waltz (Always Be Right There)

  • Celine Dion- this one is hazy but I think it was around the time that Titanic was out. I do remember it was a great concert and loved her accent when she spoke to us!

  • This one was for hubby - he is a Jimmy Barnes fan through and through!

  • Now I remember Shannon Noll - I was pregnant with Hunter so found it hot and didn't like standing that long!

  • I went to Robbie Williams when Hunter was 9 weeks old! I left him home with Nigel - it was the first time I had left him and I was expressing for days to get enough milk to feed him whilst I was gone! But wow - what a concert!

  • I wasn't a Michael Buble fan but someone on Essential Baby had tickets she couldn't use and was giving them away. I snapped them up and went with a friend who is a huge fan. I turned into a Michale Buble fan after the concert! So great!

  •   We saw Taylor Swift the first time she came to Adelaide and O.M.G - what a performer! It was such an amazing concert. I was on a high for days. We didn't go to the most recent concert as I hadn't followed her more recent stuff.

  • I also went to an 80s compilation concert sometime in the last 10 years (haha I know I was working at my current job) -but I can't remember what it was called or even who sang there! I know I enjoyed it though!!

What concerts stand out for you

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 A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Hunter: Bedtime is a battle every single night but I love him to death when he is finally asleep. This photo was taken at about 11pm!

Savannah: Blowing bubbles at a friend's house. Savannah was excited to finally get some bubbles.

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

List 20 - a day in my life

There is no such thing as a typical day in my life. Each day is quite varied - although I work Monday through to Thursday so there is quite a bit of routine in those days.

So I'm blogging about Friday - days off work. This week my Friday went something like this:

  •  7.00am - up and ready for the day
  • 8.30am - leave to take Hunter to school. We hung around for a bit - Savannah had a play on the playground. We tried to get Hunter's sharing working - which was a video of him dancing - something like the photo below

  • 9am - Savannah and I paid Hunter's school fees, had a chat to some Mums and went home. 
  • 9.30am- Savannah watched playschool whilst I made pumpkin soup
  • 10am - off to Savannah's ballet class - Savannah loves her ballet. She got a certificate this week with 5 stars for different activities she had completed - they are preparing them for the concert. She can't wait
  • 11.10am - after Savannah's ballet class she had a tantrum as I had tiny teddies and not chips for her 

  • 11.30am - off to my parent's house. Mum had picked up my husband from the hospital - he had surgery on Wednesday and discharge was 10am Friday. We couldn't be there then as we had ballet and Mum also has Fridays off work
  • 12.30pm - took hubby home and left Savannah and my Mum's with my sister. Kim offered to look after her so I could get some cleaning done.
  • 1-3pm - I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I spend 2 hours and at the end of that all I really did was mop the kitchen/living room floor. It took me that long to find the floor. I tidied the whole area. I could do with another couple of kid free days but this 2 hours was a great help and I felt so much better after this area was clean and tidy
  • 3.20pm - picked Hunter up from school
  • 3.30pm - my sister Kim brought Savannah back and her kids had a play with Hunter and Savannah
  • 3.30-5pm - made dinner, had a chat with Kim, lost time somehow!
  • 5.30-6pm - we had dinner, Kim and the kids stayed
  • 6pm onwards - kids bedtime routine - bath, Pjs, stories etc. Tidy up after dinner. Hunter ended up watching Toy Story 3 on DVD so was still awake at 10.30pm. Hubby was in bed as he was in quite a bit of pain. I ended up watching 4 episodes of Grey's Anatomy so went to bed at midnight!

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"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Hunter and Savannah: Saturday afternoon. Lazy day. Cold, wet day. The kids decided it would be fun to make some mud in the backyard. 

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