Saturday, 8 June 2013

List 21 - Concerts

I enjoy music but generally a wide range of songs rather than certain artists. As such I haven't been to that many concerts over my years. I'm sure I've forgotten some but the ones I remember are:

  • Boys II Men - Hubby and I went (before we were married) when I was in year 11 or 12.
  •  Hubby and I have been to Bryan Adams twice (I think). We used one of his songs as our bridal waltz (Always Be Right There)

  • Celine Dion- this one is hazy but I think it was around the time that Titanic was out. I do remember it was a great concert and loved her accent when she spoke to us!

  • This one was for hubby - he is a Jimmy Barnes fan through and through!

  • Now I remember Shannon Noll - I was pregnant with Hunter so found it hot and didn't like standing that long!

  • I went to Robbie Williams when Hunter was 9 weeks old! I left him home with Nigel - it was the first time I had left him and I was expressing for days to get enough milk to feed him whilst I was gone! But wow - what a concert!

  • I wasn't a Michael Buble fan but someone on Essential Baby had tickets she couldn't use and was giving them away. I snapped them up and went with a friend who is a huge fan. I turned into a Michale Buble fan after the concert! So great!

  •   We saw Taylor Swift the first time she came to Adelaide and O.M.G - what a performer! It was such an amazing concert. I was on a high for days. We didn't go to the most recent concert as I hadn't followed her more recent stuff.

  • I also went to an 80s compilation concert sometime in the last 10 years (haha I know I was working at my current job) -but I can't remember what it was called or even who sang there! I know I enjoyed it though!!

What concerts stand out for you

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  1. apart from Celine and Taylor, I notice a pattern in your concerts - all the hot men! ha ha! I am afraid to admit I'd probably really enjoy a Taylor Swift concert! So often I hear a song and think "ooh I like this!" and it turns out to be HER!!! ha ha! -Aroha

  2. If Taylor Swift comes to Brisbane any time soon i plan to make that my girls' first concert - they would love it and so would i.

    Very Jealous of Robbie Williams concert!

  3. Great list of concerts!! Such a wide variety of music...and as mentioned above, lots of hot men!! haha!! Thanks for sharing!