Monday, 5 August 2013

List 29 - Songs that tell a story

I have a few songs in my past that meant something to me!

Queen - We are the Champions - this one we would belt out in the car - my Mum, my sister and myself on the way to netball matches - and definitely for finals! Got us pumped!!

Tiffany – I saw him standing there  – I loved this one when I was in school – I remember my Gramps made me a tape of the album (Tiffany) for my birthday (and I’ve now gone to google to find out more and are remembering all the cool songs she sang that appealed to me at 10 – I think we are alone now and Could’ve been) – He had somehow copied it to the tape and made the cassette cover for me. I didn’t realise it was a Beetles song at the time so was a bit confused to the mention of the Beetles – but I loved the tape he did for me.

Toni Pearen - In your room   – I loved Toni Pearen in E-Street so was of course in love with her song. This was the first song I bought on CD. I used to come home from school and play it over and over and over!  

There was a song which got me through the loss of our baby- and I can't for the life of me remember which one it was. I know it made me cry but also made me feel better. I've narrowed it down to either Angel - by Sarah McLaughlan or Fly by Celine Dion. Both beautiful songs!

Bryan Adams - Summer of 69 – Hubby and I really loved Bryan Adams and Summer of 69 was our favourite. We went to a few of his concerts and he has such great songs. We didn’t think Summer of 69 was suitable for our bridal waltz so we had I’ll Always Be Right There by Bryan Adams instead.  Such great words!

(This was the only clip I could find that wasn't a cover - not sure who the people are)

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  1. I love that a lot of your list is dated - in the sense that it really captures the time/your age at the time. Music is like that, like a photo graph that you don't see (but conjures an image of a time in your head)