Friday, 2 August 2013

List 28 - list of lists

I make lots of list but often use them when I need them for specific reasons....a list of my lists include:

  • Menu plan
  • Shopping list
  • To do list – may be things to do that day – may be more general
  • Work lists - I have lots of lists and schedules at work for my tasks
  • Presents – I have many lists for presents – often one for the nieces and nephews indicating what I have bought the and one for each of my kids outlining what I have bought them or ideas for what to get them, then closer to Christmas I add in a list for all presents I have to buy including parents, Father in law etc
  • I have a daily chores chart on the fridge – but we haven’t been following it lately :(
  • I keep a list of books I want to read on goodreads (but also have over 500 books in my kindle – so generally just grab one that takes my fancy at the time)
  • We are about to start planning our holiday so I will start a list of things to do - then I will also need a list of things to pack!
Are you a list keeper?

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