Monday, 22 July 2013

List 27 - favourite names

When I was growing up I was going to have a boy called Logan (based on the boy in the Babysitters Club books) and girls called Ashleigh and Jordan. Of course as I got older and pregnant and actually started needing a name my mind changed.

When pregnant with Hunter I liked:
Boys names
Will (but not William)
Drew (but not Andrew)
Girls names

We ended up deciding on Lainee Paige if he was a girl. Lainee named after my husband's Mum who passed away just before we got married. Her name was Elaine - which I didn't like. But I was reading a book when pregnant with a girl named Elaine who was called Lainey for short. I decided I liked it and suggested it to hubby - but rather than the traditional spelling I decided on rearranging the letters of Elaine to get Lainee. It just takes 1 letter change - the E from the front moves to the back!
When pregnant with Savannah
She was going to be Ryder if she was a boy. We found out she was a girl so started concentrating on girls names. Our previously picked Lainee I changed my mind on a bit but still wanted to include it based on the significance of it. We decided to use it as a nickname. Other names I liked were:
Willow (hubby thought this one was too hippy!)

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  1. And do you use the nickname Lainee? Or has something else snuck in?

    1. Oh no I realised I wrote that wrong! We used Lainee as a middle name - not nickname. So she is Savannah Lainee (and just in case you are curious we mostly call her Vanna).

  2. I love the sentiment and the idea behind Lainee.... clever way of spelling it too :) I have been watching reruns of 7th Heaven and there is a baby called Savannah in it and everytime I hear it I just think it's so pretty :)