Monday, 15 July 2013

List 26 - A to Z

I missed a few weeks just due to the overwhelming busyness that I had going on and this time I've decided not to go back and try and catch up and add to my stress! I think this is a positive for me as usually I would try not to miss anything!
But we are back to the A to Z! So this one is a bit all over the place!

Adventures  - we are off to Sydney on Tuesday - I've got a 2 day training course and the rest of the family are going on some adventures like the aquarium! I will have 2 days with them too!

Ballet - Savannah loves her ballet - we are all looking forward to the end of the year concert and enjoyed parent watching week.

Cold - it has been very cold lately

Disco - we had a disco at kindy for a fundraiser - so much fun. And then Hunter went to a movie disco with his friend. He was a bit worried as it was a lock in - but he had a great time (I had to wait in the foyer for him)

Elephants - we are looking forward to seeing the elephants at the Zoo in Sydney as we don't have any in Adelaide anymore.

Flying - the kids are excited to be going on a plane again

Grades - Hunter received his first report with ability grades at the end of term 2 (last year in reception he only received effort scores). He did a great job.

Hubby - we had a "date night" last week when my parents had the kids overnight - we even got to sleep in the next morning!

Iphone - after my agonising decision earlier in the year on what phone to get - hubby and I both got iphones - but sometimes they are a bit of a distraction with all the games!!

Joey Scouts - Hunter started at Joey scouts 2 weeks before the end of the term - he loves it. It's great to find something he is interested in.....finally!!

Kindy - Savannah has finished 1 term of kindy - she is missing all her childcare friends but is enjoying the activities at kindy

Love - I'm thankful for my loving family

Music - loving some of the songs on the radio at the moment - I've downloaded some to my phone for running!

Naked - I'm forever seeing a naked 6 year old who has a habit of stripping off at home!

Overwhelmed - a little overwhelmed with everything that is going on at the moment

Parenting - trying our best but still struggling with some of their behaviours and getting our kids to sleep before 9pm

Quiet time - hmmm would love more quiet time in the house!

Reading - I'm pumping through the books. I've discovered which gives me free kindle books in exchange for a review!

Surgery- hubby had shoulder surgery which has put him out of action for the last 7 weeks. He is finally allowed to drive again but can only drive my automatic. It has been a juggle without him driving with kid drop offs and pick ups etc.

Thermomix - I'm still loving cooking with the thermomix

Umbrellas - definitely getting a work out due to all the rain

Vacation - yep we are off on Tuesday for a short get away - then have a week away in October. We are planning an overseas trip for next year!

Weekend - I can't believe how quickly the weekends fly by!

Xxx - I love getting kisses from Savannah!

Yoga - well body balance - I finally went back to a body balance class and realised I need to do more of them!

Zzzzz - still not getting enough sleep!

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  1. your kids sound like they are doing well - apart from the whole bedtime thing ; )

    good on you for going to BB - i fell off the gym wagon and am trying to push myself back to a few classes.

  2. the elephants at Taronga are soooo gorgeous and so are the giraffes your trip will be a total treat :) and Savannah is soooo cute in her ballet outfit :)

  3. how good is date night when you have little ones?! Sleep in the next day is always a bonus. Hope you have a great time in Sydney, the aquarium's pretty cool :)