Sunday, 10 February 2013

List 4: Jobs!

I've been quite stable with my jobs. I don't like change so I'm not one to move around often!

1. As a kid we lived in the country and I did the usual babysitting. I even had babysitting duties when a new baby was born. Luckily I lived close because I was called down around 4am to come and look after the child whilst they went and had another baby. I was very tired at school that day!!

2. Then we moved to the city when I was 15. I started at Pizza Hut when I was 16 and in Year 11 at school. I started as a kitchen hand washing dishes. Oh the long boring shifts! But I stuck it out and moved up to prep, then pizza maker and gradually shift supervisor. I stayed at Pizza Hut through the end of high school and during my 4 years of university -so 6 years all up. The advantage of Pizza Hut over somewhere like Maccas was the hours were much better. We closed at 10.30pm at night so the latest we worked was to around 11.30pm.

Image from Pizza Hut website
3. Then I graduated from university. I did an honours degree in psychology. I got my first "real" job as a university graduate in market research. I was a Research Assistant then moving onto the title of Researcher when I had more experience and did all kinds of things from proposal writing, questionnaire design, briefing the telephone room, running of statistics and statistically significant differences, report writing, focus groups and giving presentations. I had some great experiences there and learned so much! It was a real buzz early on when I saw the pies we had concept tested for Balfours being sold in the shops! I worked here for 3.5 years.

4. Next I moved onto my current job which I would have been at for 10 years in May. I've had 2 kids whilst working here and have gone from full-time to 3 days per week, up to a 7 day fortnight and now work 4 days per week. I still work in research, in surveys so do similar tasks to when I worked in market research but in one area - the vocational education and training sector. I started as a Research Officer but have moved up to a senior position whilst here. It's a great work place and I feel like I'm settled in for a while!!

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  1. so after 6 years at pizza hut can you still eat it or were you pizza'd out ?

  2. I am fascinated by the number of people who have a similar job history. Do certain types of employment result in bloggers? I love that your work is related to what you studied - I know almost no one in that position.

  3. Pyschology is really intriguing, did you love doing your degree? I never really thought of psychology leading into the kind of work you do, very interesting!

  4. You are lucky that what you studied at uni, you ended up doing! You must have met some interesting people in your psychology degree.

  5. ohhh nostalgia for old school pizza hut!!

  6. Wow - 10 years in the same job is great ! I wonder if I will ever work anywhere long enough to get long service leave !!
    Have the best day !
    #Listmania visitor

  7. Oh research assistant sounds fascinating! Pizza Hut - those were the days.... :)

  8. I love your stability, one of my daughters does research for the Disability Services, and she loves it. xxx Rae