Friday, 1 February 2013

List 3 - Crushes: Then and Now

Crushes: Then

Jamie - Young Talent Time
This is what did it for me - his very first song - Get out of my dreams, and into my car!

 Bruce Samazon - E-Street
Bruce was on posters on my wall for a very long time!

Jason Priestley - Beverly Hills 90201
Most people were all over Luke Perry...but I preferred Jason!

John Stamos - Full House

Heath Ledger - 10 Things I hate about you
Plus everything else he has done

I fell in love with him in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You...and then sought out everything he did. It was a very very sad day the day I found out he had passed away. Hubby rang me to tell me as soon as he found out.

Mark Bickley - Adelaide Crows
I'm not a Crows supporter but had a soft spot for Mark!

Crushes: Now

I thought and thought and thought. Then I googled and thought hmmm who can I have a crush on now...but truth be known I don't currently have a crush. I haven't gotten over Heath Ledger - so I guess he is still my crush!

That said, I do love having a perve at the biceps of the Port Adelaide Power footy players!!

Note: all images were found via google or youtube.


  1. Bruce Samazon I never would have remembered without this post, I had that exact picture too. Ahh, and John Stamos, did you see a bit frazzled on the Kerry Anne show a few years back? That was funny.

  2. I was a Jason, not Luke fan too. Never 'got' what the Luke fans could see in him over Jason!

  3. Talk about flashbacks! I had forgotten about a few of these Guys!

  4. Oh yes - Heath Ledger - so far with reading other posts I have remembered Richard Gere, Jan Michael Vincent, Bruce Boxleiter and Patrick Dempsey !!! I guess by the end of today my list will have grown some more.
    Have the best day !
    #Listmania visitor

  5. Oooh Patrick Dempsey! Yum! ha ha thanks L!

    Bevan was my fave on YTT! Gosh this is such a great trip down memory lane reading all these crushes!

  6. I'd forgotten about Bruce Samazan. He was a cutie.

    I remember having a favourite guy on YTT, but can't for the life of me remember who it was.

  7. Oh I forgot about John Stamos! Lots of pleasant reminders as I browse everyones lists...

  8. I don`t know a couple of these but yes to Heath Ledger and YES to Jason Priestly as well- I much preferred him over Luke Perry as well!!!

  9. Oh wow - there's a trip down forgotten-crush-lane! Your 1st 4 were totally forgotten crushes (so like my 2nd tier of crushes I guess) of mine.