Tuesday, 3 September 2013

List 33 - best and worst of winter

We wrote about the best and worst of summer earlier in the year so now it’s winter’s turn.

The best things about winter:
·Rainy days make good excuses to stay home and watch movies and read books
·  Get to wear my awesome knee high boots!
·  Get to snuggle up under my quilt at bedtime
·  Cuddles with the kids are nicer than when it’s stinking hot
·  Eating hot food – there is nothing like a nice warm lasagne or hot soup on a cold day (and you can hide the extra kilos under those thick jackets)

The worst things about winter:
·  The cold (obviously) – needing to wear thick jackets everywhere
·  School drop-offs/pick-ups in the rain
·  The dark - often leaving home for work in the dark, leaving work to go home in the dark (it’s just dark more often)
· Feeling lazy – less motivation to get up, exercise and eat well
· Mud – often gets trampled through the house

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  1. I love winter - well, winter on the Gold Coast anyway! It doesn't get TOO cold, but it is cold enough to wear winter clothes, which I love, and I LOVE snuggling under the doona! But I do find by the end of winter I am so ready for summer!