Friday, 22 March 2013

List 10 - A to Z of now

Deb's lists keep getting better. This week is another week to reflect on the now with the A-Z of now. So here it is!

Activities - we take the kids to lots of things, swimming, sport, family night at Bunnings last night

Birthday's and birthday parties - it's Savannah's 4th birthday on Monday and her party on Saturday. Of course (being the way), Hunter has been invited to a party at a similar time to Savannah's

Cupcakes - Savannah has requested flower cupcakes for her birthday cake. They will look better tomorrow when I set them out as a bunch of flowers - but here are some of them!

Dancing - I love taking Savannah to her ballet classes and watching her dance at home

Exercise - I'm trying to get into it, running and mini-circuits

Family - are coming to stay for the weekend, and the Easter weekend

Governing council - I'm on 2 governing councils - School and kindy (and my husband is on the childcare one). So it's keeping me busy

Healthy eating - trying to get the family eating healthily

Interesting conversation from the men behind me on the bus - they talked about buses, the public service, equal opportunity (isn't it great - we don't have to offer our seats to women anymore and they can do our jobs so we can retire) and some poor woman called Carmel

Job - I have a great job which is great given I spend 4 days there per week - flexible and I like what I do!

Kindy - Savannah starts in term 2 so we are currently doing some visits and talking about it lots

Long weekend - the Easter long weekend is coming up and hubby has the WHOLE weekend off (he works at Bunnings so this is rare). I'm looking forward to the family time

Movies - I love going to movies and watching them on TV. My sister in law would like to see Silver Lining playbook with me tonight

Nice people - a young man stood for me on the bus this morning - I said I was okay but he insisted

Overnight toilet training (if there is such a thing) - we stopped the pull-ups for both Hunter and Savannah in January - Hunter is doing great but lately Savannah has been wetting every night

Quiet play - the kids have quiet play before bed each night

Reading - I love reading on my kindle. I'm pleased my kids also share my love of reading.

Sleep - I spend a lot of time trying to get the kids to sleep and not enough time sleeping myself

True Grit - I've registered for this military style obstacle course - it's in May but I'm so not ready for it - see 'exercise'

Unlimited kisses and hugs from Savannah - she is always open to give one and who wouldn't want a hug or kiss from this face!!

Vacation - I know in Australia we call them holidays but H was taken. We are planning a holiday for the July school holidays!

Waiting - I feel I'm wasting so much time waiting for the bus!!

Xendesktop - what we use to log into our work system - I will be needing this a bit next term when I'm going to be working one day per week at home to fit in with kindy drop offs and no train

Year one - my big boy Hunter is in year one this year!

Zzzzzz - I always feel so tired

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  1. laughing at the conversation on the bus and scared for that true grit bootcamp - wow!

    1. Yeah I'm scared too - I'm so not ready!

  2. I am glad I am not the only one who earwigs on interesting conversations on public transport. Poor Carmel indeed! We have a great app here that gives real time updates on where the buses are so it does greatly reduce the waiting time - love that when ETA is within a minute it just says RUN!

    1. Oh that app would be awesome!!!

  3. An fantastic list...I have been meaning to take the boys to Bunnings for their kids workshops..thanks for the reminder.

    1. The Bunnings workshop was great - despite the fact that hubby works there it was the first one we went to!

  4. Wow Bec, I also have a Hunter! That is so nice of that young guy to offer you a seat, I hope that is something my boys will do!
    Love to see what you're up to :) Emily

    1. Yay for Hunter's! Yes it was really nice - he would have been mid-20s.

  5. Oh that conversation on the bus must have been a good-one, would have loved to have heard it. -

    1. Oh yes, it was a little annoying as I was trying to read my book - but I figured it gave me a great thing to write about for 'i'

  6. I would love to know what's wrong with Carmel.

    That's a great list, Bec. Savannah is uber-cute. Where are you planning to go on your holiday?

  7. the cupcakes look amazing and I am totally jealous of your vacation :)